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Best Doorbell Cameras For Landlords: Enhancing Property Security

Best Doorbell Cameras For Landlords: Enhancing Property Security
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Doorbell cameras are reshaping home security, offering both convenience and an added layer of protection. Particularly for landlords, these devices can serve as a crucial tool for monitoring the property, ensuring tenant safety, and even deterring potential intruders. The beauty of doorbell cameras lies in their dual functionality; they not only act as a standard doorbell but also provide real-time video footage, allowing for visual confirmation of visitors and deliveries.

For landlords, doorbell cameras can augment the traditional security measures in place at their rental properties. Features such as motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision have made these devices essential in managing real estate remotely. They can also empower tenants with added security, granting them peace of mind in knowing who is at their doorstep without compromising privacy -- a critical factor when selecting the best product.

When we consider installing doorbell cameras at a rental property, it’s essential to focus on ease of use, video quality, integration with other smart devices, and data storage options. Durable design and resistance to various weather conditions are also important, as these devices are exposed to the elements. Perceptive landlords should also evaluate the privacy policies of the manufacturer to ensure tenant data is protected and secure.

Investing in the right doorbell camera requires balancing security needs with respect, privacy, and convenience for tenants. By selecting the optimal device, landlords can enhance the desirability of their property while fostering a secure living environment. Next, we explore the top picks for doorbell cameras that we believe hit the mark across these key considerations.

Top Doorbell Cameras for Landlords

As landlords, ensuring the safety and security of our properties is a top priority for us. In an effort to assist with this crucial aspect, we've curated a selection of the best doorbell cameras available on the market. These devices offer a combination of reliable performance, high-quality video, and user-friendly interfaces, making them exceptional tools for monitoring our buildings. Our list includes models that are especially suited for the varying needs of landlords, helping us to keep an extra eye on our properties and offer residents peace of mind.

Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen

We think landlords looking for a reliable and easy-to-install video doorbell will find the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen a worthy investment for property security and tenant peace of mind.


  • Clear 1080p HD video quality
  • Effortless installation process
  • Compatible with Alexa for convenient use


  • Delays in notification delivery may occur
  • Subscription required for additional features
  • App needs to run in background for full functionality

Having mounted the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen by our front door, its sleek Venetian Bronze finish complements the exterior aesthetics beautifully. The installation was simple and straightforward, without the need for any professional help. What immediately stands out is the sharpness of the 1080p HD video, making it easy to identify visitors even during the night thanks to the enhanced night vision.

The ability to chat with someone at the door from anywhere using our phones is particularly useful. Speaking of our phones, receiving instant alerts when the doorbell is pressed or when motion is detected adds a layer of security and convenience. While occasionally we may notice a slight delay in notification, this doesn't overshadow the overall utility of the device.

It's a bonus that it integrates seamlessly with Alexa-enabled devices. We can have Alexa inform us when there's someone at the door or when motion is detected, which adds an extra level of ease to managing who comes and goes. Meanwhile, connecting to our Wi-Fi was a breeze, and we haven't experienced any connectivity issues since.

One limitation we discovered is that to record and look back at footage, an additional Ring Protect Plan subscription is necessary. Without it, you're limited to live view and two-way talk. Also, for continuous performance, we have to make sure the app is running in the background, which could be a slight inconvenience.

Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen is a solid choice for landlords seeking to add a level of security and sophistication to their properties. Despite a couple of hiccups, its pros by far outweigh the cons, providing tenants with a secure way to manage their visitors and giving landlords peace of mind about their property's safety.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Chime

We'd recommend this doorbell camera for its reliability and streamlined security features that cater well to landlord requirements.


  • Easy to integrate with existing doorbell wiring
  • Clear 1080p HD video and dependable motion detection
  • Includes a plug-in Chime for audible alerts throughout the property


  • Requires existing doorbell wiring for installation
  • Some users may need stronger Wi-Fi for optimal performance
  • A Ring Protect Plan subscription is needed for recording and sharing

Installing the Ring smart doorbell was a breeze, especially with the helpful instructions provided. The doorbell links up effortlessly with my existing wiring, ensuring it's powered up around the clock. The high-definition video quality really does make a difference; you get crisp visuals of visitors, which is essential for property security.

Upon setting up, I immediately noticed how the motion detection algorithms worked effectively to minimise false alerts. Customising the motion zones saved us from needless notifications and kept our focus on the areas of interest. The inclusion of the Chime means we don't miss a visitor's ring and can hear alerts from anywhere on the premises.

The added advantage of Quick Replies is significant for those times we're preoccupied. It maintains communication with guests without manual intervention. While the direct benefits are clear out of the box, to fully leverage its capabilities and review missed events, I'd recommend investing in the Ring Protect Plan, noting it comes with a complimentary 30-day trial.

From personal use and considering feedback from various users online, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired coupled with the Chime proves to be a handy tool for landlords. It's important to ensure your property's Wi-Fi is robust enough to support the device's functionality, which can vary based on your network's strength and coverage. For landlords looking to keep their tenants and properties secure, this Ring doorbell camera is a solid choice that complements our tech-savvy world.

XTU Doorbell Camera

We believe landlords should consider this XTU Doorbell Camera for its balance between functionality and ease of use.


  • Installation is hassle-free and does not require cables
  • The video footage is clear, even at night
  • Resistant to weather conditions, ensuring reliable outdoor use


  • Only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not 5GHz
  • Onboard storage requires a separate micro SD card purchase
  • Some users might prefer a longer battery life

We've been impressed by how straightforward the XTU Doorbell Camera is to set up. You won't even need to deal with an assortment of tools; the entire process can be completed in a few minutes, guided by a well-designed app. Weather has never been an issue either; come rain or shine, this unit remains unfazed, always ready to capture footage.

Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, the device alerts us immediately when someone is at the door, which adds a layer of security for us as landlords, allowing us to monitor our properties remotely. When a visitor does call, the two-way audio feature is invaluable, enabling us to interact with them directly from our smartphones.

At night, the camera's performance remains stellar. The night vision ensures we can see details up to 33 feet away, offering peace of mind that our properties are under watchful eyes even in the pitch dark. We must admit, however, that we had to invest in a micro SD card to facilitate local storage, which was an additional cost. Also, while the battery life is generally satisfactory, frequent interactions or alerts might necessitate more regular charging.


The ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) brings us a sense of security with its reliable performance and user-friendly features. The minor drawbacks are easily outweighed by its capabilities, making it an excellent choice for landlords looking to keep a watchful eye on their properties.

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

We believe landlords will find the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) a solid pick due to its enhanced features and ease of use.


  • Effortless installation that doesn't require an electrician
  • Clear 1080p HD video and excellent night vision clarity
  • Compatible with Alexa for convenient smart home integration


  • Notification delays can sometimes occur
  • Requires continuous app running for optimal motion sensing
  • Ring Protect Plan needed for full feature set, at additional cost

Having recently integrated the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) into one of our rental properties, the tenants are appreciating the added security and convenience. The doorbell's twinkling chime and prompt notifications offer peace of mind that the front door is under vigilant watch.

The night vision performance is impressive, providing us with a clear view even on the darkest of evenings. It's reassuring to know the property is just as secure at night as it is during the day. The broad field of vision ensures no blind spots at the doorstep.

Smart home integration has been seamless, serving as a futuristic welcome to visitors. We've had positive feedback on how interacting with the doorbell through Alexa streamlines the experience for residents and their guests. In our experience, the pros of this device outweigh the occasional hiccup with notification speeds, making it a commendable choice for landlords seeking a blend of security and modernity.

XTU Video Doorbell

We reckon the XTU Video Doorbell is a solid choice for landlords seeking a reliable and user-friendly security solution.


  • Hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for wires
  • Effective motion detection and two-way audio for increased security
  • Robust build with waterproofing, suitable for the unpredictable British weather


  • Requires frequent recharging, which might be inconvenient
  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, which limits connectivity options
  • Some users have reported issues with adhesive strength over time

Upon installing the XTU Video Doorbell at a rental property, the ease of set-up was immediately apparent. We didn't have to fiddle with cables or intricate brackets, making the whole process swift and straightforward. Tenants were able to get notified on their smartphones soon after the installation, which added an extra layer of security for both us and them.

The night vision feature of this doorbell is especially impressive; it gave us a clear view of visitors even in complete darkness, and the 1080P resolution didn't disappoint during daylight either. Reviewing footage on our phone was incredibly convenient, providing peace of mind that the property was under watchful eyes.

We noticed, however, that the battery life could be better. It's supposed to last 1-2 months, but with frequent activations due to motion detection, we had to charge it more often than we'd like. This isn't a dealbreaker, but something to be aware of, especially for properties with higher foot traffic. Additionally, while the two-way audio was clear and loud, we had to ensure we were on a 2.4GHz network, as the device doesn't support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

It's worth mentioning the durability of the XTU Video Doorbell. Even during a particularly wet and blustery week, it held up against the elements. Although we came across a few reviews mentioning the adhesive backing can lose grip, we have yet to experience this ourselves. We'd still suggest mounting it with a more secure fixture if possible.

Overall, this doorbell camera combines functionality with user-friendliness, settling nicely into the role of a landlord's electronic watchman.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When selecting the best doorbell camera for our properties, there are several features we must consider to ensure tenant security and ease of management:

  1. Video Quality: High-resolution cameras with at least 1080p provide clear images, making it easier to identify visitors or potential security threats.
  2. Field of View: A wider field of view captures more outside the door, but it shouldn't compromise image quality.
  3. Night Vision: Good quality night vision is essential for clear footage round-the-clock.
  4. Storage Options: Look for options with secure cloud storage or local storage options for keeping recorded footage.
  5. Motion Detection: Advanced motion detection can notify us of activity and record clips when movement is detected.
  6. Two-way Audio: This feature allows communication with visitors without the need to open the door.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Ensuring the doorbell camera can integrate seamlessly into existing systems is paramount:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: A stable and strong Wi-Fi connection is crucial for real-time alerts and video streaming.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Integration with different smart home ecosystems adds convenience for us and our tenants.
FeatureWhy It’s Important
Power SourceHardwired or battery, impacts installation
Build Quality and DurabilityMust withstand weather and wear
Ease of UseSimple operation determines user experience
Cost and Subscription FeesBudget-friendly choices with minimal fees

Practical Considerations

Lastly, we must be aware of privacy laws and ensure that the installation and use of doorbell cameras comply with local regulations:

  • Privacy: The camera should only cover areas pertinent to security but not intrude on tenant privacy.
  • Legality: We must ensure use is in line with UK data protection laws such as the GDPR to avoid legal complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer some key questions landlords have about selecting and using doorbell cameras for their rental properties, focusing on privacy, cost-effectiveness, and security features.

What are the top choices for wireless doorbell cameras suitable for rental properties?

Our top selections for wireless doorbell cameras that are ideal for rental properties include the Ring Video Doorbell, the Arlo Video Doorbell, and the Eufy Video Doorbell. These devices provide high-quality video, reliable connectivity, and user-friendly interfaces, making them excellent choices for landlords who prioritise tenant security and property management.

How can a doorbell camera be installed in a rental without violating tenant privacy?

Installing a doorbell camera should be discussed with tenants to ensure their privacy isn’t compromised. We recommend placing cameras in public areas like the front door and disclosing the camera's location and purpose in the rental agreement. Additionally, choosing cameras with clear indicators when recording can promote transparency with tenants.

Are there any doorbell cameras available that do not require a monthly subscription fee?

Yes, there are doorbell camera options available that do not require a monthly fee. Brands like Eufy and Amcrest offer devices that provide local storage solutions, allowing landlords to record and store footage without an ongoing subscription, thus making them cost-effective options in the long term.

What features should landlords look for in a doorbell camera to ensure tenant security?

When aiming to ensure tenant security, we advise landlords to look for features such as 1080p or higher video resolution, night vision capabilities, two-way audio, and motion detection. Additionally, integrating with a secure and user-friendly app can enhance monitoring and the timeliness of security alerts.